A leader in rendering since 1934

Rendac is an international leader in the rendering business with over 80 years of experience. The organization was established in 1934 by the North Brabant Christian Farmer's Union (NCB), the predecessor of the present-day ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization), a Dutch association for agricultural entrepreneurs. Under the name N.V. Chemical Companies of the NCB, the company processed animal by-products for all of southern Holland. Over the years, through autonomous growth and acquisitions, Rendac has evolved from a regional service provider to a leading European player in rendering.

Economic and ecological sustainability

At Rendac giving animal residuals a second life is our second nature. Our vision and our daily work contribute to economic and ecological sustainability and thus to the welfare of people, animals and the environment – not just today, but also for the future.

All our activities and services are anchored in our three core values:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

A part of Darling Ingredients

Rendac is part of Darling Ingredients, a solid performer and a global player in processing specific organic waste flows and animal by-products in an innovative, sustainable and value-adding way. Darling Ingredients’ end products are used around the world as natural ingredients for a wide range of high-value markets. We deliver highly sought after ingredients for pharmaceutical products, food, feed, technical applications, fertilizers and bio-energy.