Reliable, safe services built on a futureproof strategy

We do our job with the interests – and the future – of people and society in mind. Our in-depth knowledge of rendering, our smart logistics and processes, and our keen understanding of economic and ecological sustainability all come together in a futureproof strategy aimed at serving the interests of our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

For the good of society

To us, respecting people, animals and the environment is not a side issue: it is our core business. In our logistics, we focus on minimal mileage with maximum coverage and speed for all of our customers. We invest in keeping our energy consumption as low as possible and reducing odor emissions. Our hygiene standards exist to ensure maximum safety. And because our end products are converted into green energy and sustainable fuel, we turn an unpopular, potentially hazardous waste products into a sustainable resource.

With the customer, for the customer

Our customer base consists mainly of livestock farmers, slaughterhouses, veterinarians, municipalities and other government agencies, private pet owners and incidental providers of animal by-products. A key need of all of these customers is to know that the disposal of their animal by-products will be taken care of discreetly, responsibly and with the least possible involvement on their part. With our unique logistics services, efficient processes and sustainable solutions, we meet those needs. 

With the government, for the government

The collection and processing of animal by-products and cadavers is a public responsibility that calls for respect, knowledge and efficiency. In numerous countries, the authorities have entrusted this task to Rendac. Collection fees are usually determined in consultation with representatives of the agricultural sector and under government supervision.

Handling animal disease outbreaks and other, similar crises

Even in the event of animal disease outbreaks or other, similar crises, governments can rely on long-standing, clear agreements with Rendac regarding immediate, effective intervention and the prevention of further escalation. The interests of the sector and the public are our topmost priority in these situations.