Rendac is an experienced specialist in collecting, processing and disposing of animal by-products and carcasses. We do this in full compliance with legislation and in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene, safety and efficiency. Our waste-to-value philosophy enables us to deliver outstanding performance in sustainability. 

The services we provide can be divided into three sub-activities.

Specialized logistics services

As a service provider with its roots in the agri-food chain, Rendac knows how important it is for customers and governments to be able to rely completely on our expertise. With our 24/7 reporting systems, a specialized fleet of vehicles, a state-of-the-art planning system and many years of experience, we deliver this kind of dependability daily to our many tens of thousands of customers.

Sustainable and efficient processing

There are strict legal requirements regarding the processing and disposal of animal by-products. Rendac's manufacturing process is designed to meet all of these. We also ensure minimal energy consumption throughout the production process. Overall, our final products produce four times the amount of energy our process consumes.

How Rendac contributes daily to a greener, cleaner future

ü  Closing the loops by converting waste to value

ü  Discreet, reliable and sustainable collection and processing of animal waste

ü  Raising safety standards for farmers and keeping animals healthy

ü  Immediate, effective intervention in the event of animal disease outbreaks or other, similar crises

ü  Reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption with smart logistics and energy solutions

ü  Building on over 80 years of experience to utilize the full potential of rendering

ü  Operating on measurable KPIs with clear reporting

ü  Delivering natural ingredients around the world to high-value pharmaceutical products, food, feed, technical applications, fertilizers and bio-energy