Less risk for people and animals and a more sustainable world

Rendac collects animal by-products and carcasses for processing and disposal. Commissioned by the government, we have developed customized services aimed at reducing animal sickness and public health risks. On top of that, and in close collaboration with our customers, we make a substantial contribution to a more sustainable world by converting our end products into green energy and sustainable fuels.

Today’s needs meet tomorrow’s possibilities

Our world is growing. As population growth continues to rise and wealth increases, so does the demand for food, feed and fuel. Traditional resources are depleting and the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing. Operating on the cutting edge of today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities, Rendac exists to make a sustainable contribution by facilitating the reuse of natural materials. We do this by combining expertise and responsibility with innovation and the continuous improvement of our services and products. 

Up-front guarantees

Our production process set-up enables us to offer guaranteed hygiene and capacity levels. Our processes are subject to strict legislation. We treat animal waste using high pressure and high temperatures, thereby creating a stable and safe end product with useful and highly sustainable application possibilities. We are also geared to manage emergency situations, such as animal disease outbreaks or other, related crises. Our crisis handbooks and specialized hygiene protocols are carefully designed to help prevent further escalation.