Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance. We operate in ways that, wherever possible, leave a positive impact on the environment, food safety and communities.

We believe that our success lies in how we contribute to creating a more sustainable world. It's the reason we continuously strive to improve ourselves, our products and our processes. 

Minimizing mileage...

It goes without saying that our customers can count on reliable logistics services. Thanks to state of the art planning systems and a specialized fleet, we keep our mileage to an absolute minimum. This helps us to reduce CO2 emissions and lays the foundation for the sustainability potential of our entire service package. energy-efficient process…

By constantly monitoring production, we ensure that the animal residuals we handle are safely and reliably processed. We also do all we can to minimize the energy consumption involved. Overall, our final products produce four times the amount of energy it takes to process them.

...and the most sustainable applications possible

By processing animal by-products, we produce bio-fuels that are sold to third parties (energy and bio-fuel producers). The total volume of our finished products roughly meets the energy needs of approximately xx,000 households. This is the equivalent of an annual x00.000 ton reduction of CO2 emissions and xx.000 kilometers of mileage covered on bio-fuel.