How does Rendac prevent further contamination from animal diseases?

Our trucks and drivers operate under strict hygiene protocols on a daily basis. Before each trip, each truck is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in our own vehicle washing area. After each stop on the journey, the gripper and the wheel arches are disinfected. In the event of an animal disease outbreak, we immediately switch to even more intensive hygiene protocols. 

What does Rendac do in the area of prevention?

In the countries in which we operate. Rendac presents the government with an emergency plan every year. In this plan we indicate how many carcasses we can process and outline possibilities for scaling up our capacity. Governments can also decide to deploy alternative processing methods of their own choice. 

What should people do if they suspect an infectious animal disease?

The top priority in such an event is to consult a veterinarian immediately. If there is an emergency, the relevant local or national regulations must be followed strictly.

What does Rendac do in the case of an animal disease outbreak?

At the very first alert – or threat – of an animal disease or emergency, we immediately adapt our entire organization to the situation. We have handbooks and protocols at the ready that have proven their effectiveness in practice. Our employees play extremely important role in all of this. They are trained and highly aware, in circumstances like these, of the severity of the risks and of the importance of working adhering strictly to our adapted protocols.